O ! My Heart… 

Beating all the time..

Lub.. dub..   Lub.. dub..

Oh my heart..

Do you know ?

How painful it is

To keep u beating

with smile on lips..

With a dream in wet eyes

Drying them with sighs

When some memory

strikes the mind

I try to find

The flow of same kind

But a sudden splash of wind

Piercing the heart

Tears me apart

And my life-line remains..

Just the ruined chains..


Lub..dub  Lub.. dub
-Lalit kishor

Author: lalitkishor01

Teaching for the last 20 years. Child psychology.. favourite subject. Post Graduate in English Literature. Physical trainer (C.P.Ed.), D.Ed., B.Ed., Music(OneYear course), Law Graduate (LLB) That's all..

8 thoughts on “O ! My Heart… ”

  1. what moving words! Thank you, they speak to me from the soul. How does it happen, that I´m peace-loving and yet always has to fight painfully. Who loves strong also feels strong pain. There are always two person needed to dispute, This was preached to me as a child and that’s what I preach to my children today. And it’s true. Why do we provoke? These are unspoken things, false expectations, insecurity multiplying with the agonizing time that passes. We are not getting younger and we know that we should live in the present. How to mimic the old pains, to stick to old rules and how to build on the future wrongly. What is it good for two weeks to look forward to a date that does not take place … what wasted joy and what a disappointment for the present.
    What pains the most? The stoppage as time passes. So grab each one’s nose and try to be honest and friendly from now on. We can be honest, because deep inside we know what we mean to each other. I apologize …. peace!

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